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In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested usersSee new Tweets. Conversation The latest tweets from @Oilfield_Rando Here he is. @ScottClifthorne. 26 Apr 2023 01:31:10

Twitter.com is a powerful social media platform that allows businesses and individuals to connect with their target audience in real-time. With over 330 million monthly active user...Great performance by my Eskimo brother. Yes, Esimo brother. Tom and I banged the same giant-bewbed Daytona Beach blonde with daddy issues. 18 Apr 2023 01:30:44

Twitter's Direct Message feature lets you contact any of your followers or people you are following via a personal message. This feature is useful if you want to contact someone pr...

This is really the funniest democrat issue lol. 15 Jun 2023 18:27:21In today’s digital age, visual content is crucial for capturing the attention of your audience. One platform that has gained popularity among content creators is Unsplash. Social m...😳 . 04 Apr 2023 12:00:52You’ve all been skipping work for 3 days, nothing has exploded and everybody still has electricity and running water…and you think you’re essential https ...

Oilfield Rando · @Oilfield_Rando. ·. Mar 1. I legitimately pity people who hate Trump so much that they're incapable of appreciating how funny he is. Look at ...

“Very important poll: How many 5 gallon buckets do you have?”

You see what happens when you hire people with pronouns on their resume? 14 Mar 2023 23:54:30We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.Jun 3, 2023 · Alright. Finally watched the whole thing. It’s hilarious. It’s thought provoking. It’s gut-wrenching. It’s infuriating. It’s galvanizing. Bruh aren’t you like 108? 09 Apr 2023 12:41:54Ho lee sheeeeeeeeeeiiiiitt . 23 Mar 2023 21:04:49

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. See new Tweets. Conversation“Not so f**king fun when the Republican donor class can no longer prevent the right from fighting the culture wars, is it, @ThePlumLineGS? Not so fun when you actually have an opponent, is it?”... Oilfield Rando (@Oilfield_Rando) October 18, 2023. Loading full tweet… ... Wrecks Quan Dough. 5:45p, 10/18/23. No crater? No problem. MGT's space lasers ...Dude the main square is a drugged out homeless horror show. The difference from ten years ago is shocking. 25 Apr 2023 16:39:19Log in. Sign up

... Atlanta and it went as expected. Massive brawls, multiple people shot. There's no fixing this. Embedded video. 0:25. From. Oilfield Rando. 3K. 6K. 48K.

8 Nov 2023 ... pic.twitter.com/0A9Y385DPM. — Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) November 6, 2023. Via must-follow Oilfield Rando, who wisely observes: I'm ...“Another $2.6 billion for NOAA, those science bitches pop up in every single spending bill lol” Well. She did it. She finally did it. She finally turned me on with one of her posts. https://twitter.com/sophiakianni/status/1634941886371856385… In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested usersAn 18-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the scene, and a 20-year-old man was pronounced dead later at a local hospital. https:// cbsn.ws/3px8wwd“If the scuttlebutt is correct, it appears the news media hate cycle about Tennessee’s underage sex change ban bill radicalized someone enough to shoot up a Christian school.”Mar 12, 2022 · @Oilfield_Rando This is really tip of the iceberg stuff for wasted public funding sent to the arts. It’s a giant funnel of public money to ‘production companies’ that are friendly with whoever is controlling the purse. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing users to share their thoughts, connect with others, and stay updated on current events. However, like any online...Jul 8, 2023 · “A monumental to women in 2023 wouldn’t be considered “inclusive” unless you put a dick on one of the statues” You’d think they would be getting honored by the White House today as “shaping our nation’s soul” but newp that’s an honor reserved for the tr**ns

A random celebrity guy took the reins from them for four years, didn’t start any wars, and they lost their f**king minds. I really wish the history books were gonna record this all accurately.

I’m on the road a lot for work. I don’t want my loved ones having to deal with a deranged leftist showing up while I’m gone. 08 Apr 2023 15:18:30 We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Guys. You gotta read this article, it’s f**king hilarious . 26 Mar 2023 13:35:02“You’ll notice it’s the so-called “extremists” cutting this obvious, ridiculous waste of tax dollars. You need to get on board with extremism.” @Oilfield_Rando is a Twitter user who shares his views on politics, culture, and the oil industry. In this tweet, he comments on the November 17, 2021 hearing of the House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack, calling it a "clown show". Follow him to get more insights and opinions on current events. I just want these replies to last forever . 06 Jun 2023 18:20:22“Just nagging the shit out of everybody for a living, lol. Amazing. What a world”3:24 AM · May 3, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone. 105. Retweets. 1. Quote Tweet. 664. Likes. Oilfield Rando @Oilfield_Rando · 6h. Replying to @Oilfield_Rando. And I have known some very very f**ked up people in my day bubby. 4. 1. 143. Justen.

Oilfield Rando on Twitter: "LOL of course" / Twitter. Oilfield Rando. @Oilfield_Rando. Scott MacFarlane. @MacFarlaneNews. ALERT: Sen Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announces he will support bi-partisan framework on new gun control and school safety legislation. 6:27 PM · Jun 14, 2022Twitter for iPhone. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 9:33 PM · Mar 24, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone. 82. Retweets. 1. Quote Tweet. 313. Likes. McDonald @McDonald8024 · 7m. Replying to @Oilfield_Rando. and. @seanmdav. I'm sharing this because this was exactly how i saw so many posts about @GregoryLillian5.Oilfield Rando on Twitter: "But they’re definitely not poor!" But they’re definitely not poor! 04 Mar 2023 04:28:26.Instagram:https://instagram. mujeres cojiendo con un burrojuly 1st weathermcintire bradham and sleek funeral homelassar teleport osrs We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. nfl oddssharkspectrum outage in raleigh May 11, 2023 · You need to understand that whether you live in or are just visiting a democrat-controlled city, you’re one angry leftist mob away from your life being over. 11 May 2023 21:14:24. Guys. You gotta read this article, it’s f**king hilarious . 26 Mar 2023 13:35:02 taylor swift decal See new Tweets. ConversationWhen you post on Twitter, every user that follows your Twitter account can see the message. Alternatively, direct messages on the site are private messages between two users that n...